To play RS3 in the rest time for good choice

On the standard Runescape servers there are so many players with maxed out skills that making it to the hiscores just is not doable if you have a life outside of Runescape. And even if it just lasts for a few days, at least you had your moment in the sun.


Furthermore, the servers do not have a warped economy with mass produced rares held by those who do not deserve such riches. Everyone is given a fresh start and anyone can become someone who matters without too much of an effort on the servers.

In fact, it becomes a whole different game. It becomes a skill to know the price of items, where to trade for them,where to buy cheap Runescape 2007 Gold and how to read your fellow player’s mind. How much does he want the item in question? How much does he have to spend? How much of that can I get him to spend?

To become a master merchant you must master bothprices, players, time, and space. The grand exchange rendered this entire skill set mastered by tens of thousands of players useless. But now it’s in demand again. And that’s the way it should be.

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