RS 3 armor of Ranged and Crafts

The sirénique armor consists of three elements: a mask (for the location of the head), a coat of mail (for the location of the bust) and leggings (for the location of the legs). Each of these elements requires a level 90 defense to be equipped, and gives damage bonus remote more advantageous to each location. And to top it all, the statistics impressive defense of this armor are surpassed only by those of mortal armor Lotus improved.


The sirénique armor degrades in the same way that the armor tectonics. It becomes non-exchangeable once used in combat, can not be repaired, and can undergo before 60,000 attacks disintegrate completely.

Archers, rejoice, because sirénique armor has arrived! This power armor level 90 is the best equipment available for projectile launchers of all kinds. Designed by experienced from monster drops formidable craftsmen, it will enable destroyers and craftsmen put a little butter in their spinach. And not to spoil anything, it is a weave of exceptional beauty!

The armor can only be obtained by using the Crafting skill or performing an exchange. To make armor, you need a Crafting level 91 to 93, and two materials: siréniques scales and the algarum wire. For more information, see our wiki. The siréniques scales can be obtained from the spoil Legiones and those gorgothors, spiritual mages, or pet peeves. You can also recover by performing an exchange. The algarum wire can be purchased from Ocellus Virius, outside the monastery of transcendence, priced at 500,000 parts unit. The true origins of these strange materials remain a mystery, and Ocellus wants nothing to disclose. That said, one Runescape 2007 Gold cheap thing is certain: all elite shooters Gielinor die of want to get this powerful armor spectacular!

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