Runescape 3 capacity and items

Capabilities and Meteor Shot incendiary give a new player a positive effect when activated. They relate to him and 10% of adrenaline every fatal blow inflicted during the next 30 seconds.


The Tsunami capacity gives the same effect once activated, and the minimum amount of damage it inflicts has been improved to 200% of the damage your self out. The maximum amount of damage possible remains at 300% of the damage out of your assets.

The duration of the positive effects of static abilities area Sailing deadly effect and Sunbeam has been increased to 30 seconds.
The radius of the damage caused by the spraying capacity was increased. This ability now deals 200 to 250% of weapon damage. In addition, the cooldown has also increased to 30 seconds, and you’ll get 50% of adrenaline if your target is killed by this ability.

The price loyalty points a large number of items in the shop of Solomon was lowered, with discounts up to 40%. If you use your reward points to buy one of these items since September 2, you will soon receive a refund equal to the difference between the two prices. You can find more details here .

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All degradable items will degrade 20% in the death if they are intended to appear under your gravestone. Degradable objects are converted into pieces when they fall to the ground or that do not appear in your terminal does not lose loads this way.

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