Runescape 3 Select and enjoy for different tasks

All tasks are very interesting, some of the tasks you need to complete interesting puzzles, such as Ernest the Chicken to take the oiler link. There are some tasks need to be very smart conversation technology. Some tasks require a lot of errands or kill a target. A lot of players like to do the task, they are called Questers.


You can get task points after finish the task, increase the number of task points can be do more and more difficult tasks. After completing all the tasks ,you will go to Draynor Village to find the Wise Old Man to purchase Quest Points cape complete all the tasks to prove.

The task in runescape game don’t need kill many enemies, even if it is one task,it maybe cost you more than 20 minutes, after you finish the task , you can get rich rewards contain Runescape 2007 Gold. The ordinary players have little tasks,but members have much more than not members.

You can go to Lumbridge to find the Xenia to receive Helmet of trials to prove that you are a player who have done a lot of tasks if you got 300 tasks Points. After comlete specified task , you can go into a big tower named Dominion Tower in the desert inside, you can kill the boss which happned in your task before to get much gold and good item.

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