Ronaldo become a diver on FIFA 15

We can find that Ronaldo become a diver on FUT now, which makes a lot of fans anger. Why this happened? Because Ronaldo falls over once he enters an opponent’s penalty box, so the same in the game.

Far be it from us to have a pop at Cristiano Ronaldo. As we’ve made clear before, the world’s great player also appears to be a pretty outstanding bloke.

But even the most ardent Ronaldo fan would have to admit, their hero does have a tendency to fall over once he enters an opponent’s penalty box. Put it this way: you don’t exactly have to do a one of his own kick-slap combos to make CR7 hit the deck.

Ronaldo, diver, FIFA 15

So, with that in mind, we once again have to doff our caps to the geniuses responsible for FIFA 15. As well as being so realistic that it occasionally enrages fans more than real-life football, even its glitches are now reflecting the characteristics of the world’s top players.

Although fans of Ronaldo love him all the time whether his is a diver in game or not, we still EA Sport do something to change Ronaldo’s diving.