RS Game Design of Pyramid Philosophy

Core loop is the heart of the game . When you ask the players what is ” play ” , they will usually tell you that the core of the game loop . Core loop is repeated players in the game play , the basic things that are part of the game prototype . If you give it to someone else show to others , the other most likely answer you: “I understand , I understand your game .”


While the core loop allows others to understand the game , but not enough to make a successful game . Sometimes , the core circulation may be very perfect , very interesting , allowing the player to its sheer fun and keep playing. But that is almost non-existent. More often , you need to retain the game as support. Free games usually have a special retention game mechanics , usually combined with real-time processes , such as the different periods of multiple cross- circulation or encourage players to return to the game at a time timing mechanism . These players can create a feeling and fun elements and it is possible to perform , since most server-based FPS game has some elements of the game logic . These mechanisms profit principle is very easy to understand , which allows players to spend money to bypass the delay . However, the profitability of the delay as the main strategy is wrong. They are just the main ones retained mechanisms. Joyrs is the best site offer cheap Runescape 2007 Gold.

So, I proposed a ” free game design pyramid ” concept. In the bottom of the pyramid is the core loop is retained middle game , the top is a super fan of the game . In order to create a successful free games, you have to ensure that the core game between circulation and retained a close symbiotic relationship . Super fan game is optional, may not appear in your minimum viable product , but if there is , can promote the game’s profit.

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