Runescape The Principles for Game Design

Do not just focus on the game’s “victory” dimension. Games are emotional events, people are not willing to win away games. If the learner prematurely lose the game, it will have the experience of disappointment or frustration. They might quit the game, so pay attention to the learning results. If possible, the learner must be grouped to create a game. Grouping than the single player mode, but also help to promote better learning (related investigations have to prove this conclusion). Try to make the game’s current cognitive activity and cognitive activity learners match. The higher the degree of their match, the more conducive to their learning.


Designing learning games to meet the needs of specific guidance object (although this practice is obvious, but often overlooked). The learning games embedded in courses using the following structure: the establishment of the game, and they will tell the learner to learn, and then allow them to experience the game, when the game ends, learners are required to explain the game’s learning level. Keeping rules, scoring, and upgrade the system simplicity. Complex puzzle game is easy for beginners and crazy. Enable learners to adapt the rules before you start and play. If the game does look very complicated or difficult to start, it would have to provide a non-scoring, with upgrades and win or lose regardless of the outcome of the tutorial rounds, training bout. Or make a short video explaining how to play the game.

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Let the game has replayability. Adding a number of courses of study type game better. This means that players can use another strategy or approach once again experience the game, not just repeat the same thing. Make the game interactive, focusing on player activity. Negative gameplay is not more than the class guidance. To determine the criteria to measure in advance. In the design of the game before, you should determine how to measure the effectiveness of the game.

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