RS3 Money Making for The Easiest Guide

This to is a good skill to make money. Even at a low lvl. Normal logs sell for 15gp ea, oak logs sel for 20-30gp ea. Willows I’m not sure but around 50gp ea? Then at lvl 60, you can get yews which members buy from 300gp ea! Sell normal, oak, willow at Draynor Village bank. Yews at Varrock.


Okay, now head over to Fallador in world 1 o 3. People sell coal here and you can attract a lot of people with coal you sell or buy. Buy as many coal ore as you can for around 140gp-150gpea. That’s what I did. And then sell them for around 180gp-200gp ea. Suppose you bought 293 coal ore for 150gp ea with 44k and then sold them for 190gp ea , that’s is a whole 11,670gp profit! Keep doing this until you get 100k.

Okay, the is one of the, THE best skills to make money. You can make your money from lvl 15 all the way up. Lvl 15 you can get iron ore which sell for 100gp ea, lvl 30coal ore which sell for 150-200gp ea. But if you want to make quicker money, you GOTTA get it to lvl 60. That’s when you can get into the mining guild through a short cut from Fallador. There are some 34 coal ore and 5 mithril ore. Mith ore sells from 350gp-500gp. Adamant ores sell for 1k-1.2k ea and rune ores ell for 10k-12k ea!

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People fly-fish cooked or raw trout and salmon over there and often give them away for free since they are lvlin their fishing or cooking. Your job is to bank as many as you can. Bank them at the Edgeville bank north of Barbarian village. Not a far walk, about 30seconds or so. Get about 400 cooked trout and 200 cooked salmon. Each cooked trout should sell for around 70gp and each cooked salmon should be around 80gp and if you are lucky enough some people buy for 100gp ea in. Sell them in Varrock or Edgeville bank. This should leave you with around 45k.

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