Some overpowered players on FIFA 15

Here are some of the best players on the game, which we can choose to buy. We can make a dream team by selecting them, they have the best shooting skills on the game. Sometimes the best defenders are left useless in face of sheer speed and strength. Stronger players can win the game, what you need to do is selecting a powerful players.

In this latest version of EA Sports’ incredibly popular series, speed alone can allow you to utterly dominate opponents even if they’re controlling the likes of Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich or Premier League champions Manchester City. The right combination of physical stats combined with decent finishing or passing ability can produce extremely difficult players for teams to defend against.

overpowered players, FIFA 15


For many footballers, their FIFA 15 avatar reflects the player’s effectiveness in real life. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are, rightly so, devastating in both real life and in the virtual world. But not all players are created equal. Some are far better than their real life counterparts, playing well above their perceived ability, allowing them to carve a trail of destruction through opposing defences. The biggest offenders are highlighted here, individuals that inspire rage, fear and more than a few hurled controllers across the room.

Who is your favorite player on the game, and who is the God all in your mind.