Get FIFA 15 Blue Messi Card in your FIFA 15 team must be a very enjoyable experience


Recently, FIFA 15 releases a brand new Messi card with 95 ratings. It’s a blue unique card designed to celebrate Messi as a record breaker with all abilities adjusted. Get this card in your FIFA 15 team must be a very enjoyable experience.

In the last two weeks, Lionel Messi broke two records. In Saturday’s 5-1 win over Sevilla FC, he scored a hat-trick and became La Liga’s all-time leading scorer. Then on Tuesday evening, he became the all-time leading scorer in Europe’s major club competition, surpassing former Spain great, Raúl. EA then upgraded Messi card in FIFA 15 for celebration with adjusted data. This is an increase in two overall from his 93 that shipped with the game and also an increase on the 94 in-form card that he has already earned for his performances this season.

Ever since the blue card is available in FIFA 15, FIFA 15 fans are eager to own one to give their FUT team a big upgrade. EA announced several packs during the Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday. If you have purchased the packs already, you may have seen blue Messi. If not, there are chances that you can get them in the coming EA happy hours.

Only one notice here that EA has made an exception that this special blue Messi card is one-off, which means that you can only use it for once. Good but rare, it seems that EA quite makes sense.

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