The guide to make 100m in RuneScape

If u want to be a millionaire in Runescape,u have your work cut out for u.Earning 100 million gold pieces takes a long time ,but if u have the patience and the dedication,u can work your way up to this lucrative goal.Many RuneScape players choose to earn money by completing quests and killing high-level monster,but if you’re serious about earning a big profit,the most efficient way is to start selling runescape items to other players.

rs money making guide
RS 100m guide

Learn a trade skill, such as Crafting, Fletching or Farming. Cooking and Fishing can earn you profits as well, but these skills tend to not earn money as quickly. By making items that other players want to buy, such as Armor and Weapons, your efforts can be rewarded more quickly.

Gather crafting items on your own rather than purchasing them from other players. Although it is often faster to buy stacks of items, getting your own materials not only saves you additional expense, but also has the potential to earn you some extra money as you defeat monsters and other enemies.

Sell items on the GE.Before u put items up for sale ,check their current selling price through the Grand Exchange datavase on the RuneScape website.Make sure that your price is comparable to other sellers.U can also find a list of commonly bought and sold items within the Grand Exchange database.This will help u determine if your goods have a chance of earning u a profit.

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