How Gold Farming Works on RS

In the online world of “RuneScape,” players make gold by killing monsters, completing quests and selling valuable materials. For a player who just wants to create a steady income of gold, gold farming is an option.

Runescape gold farming

Primary Method
Gold farming is a process in which you pick one monster type, a cow for example, in a small area to hunt, kill and loot over and over again. You then sell the loot to merchants in the game for gold. In the example of the cow, the hide sells for over 100 runescape gold pieces.

Other Methods
Aside from looting monsters, you can also farm gold using the in-game skills of your avatar. For example, you can use the woodcutting skill to chop down trees and sell the logs or mine gold and iron ore to sell for profit.

Low-level monsters and tasks have valuable loot available so you do not risk your character dying to make gold.

Gold farming is a long and tedious process that can take hours to make a substantial amount of gold. You must perform a single mouse click over and over again, which is time that can otherwise be spent exploring the game.

While it is within the rules of the “Runescape” game to hunt and kill the same monster or mine the same material over and over again, doing so via an automated system, known as a macro, is grounds for account deletion.

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