The guide for u to trade big sums of money to mains in Runescape

The ability to trade large sums of money is an on-going controversial issue in the online game “RuneScape.” In 2007, “RuneScape” amended the regulations of trading items and money to protect players from unfair trades. The change implemented a trading system that determines your trade limit by the number of quest points you possess. In addition, your trade limit is also determined by whether you are a paying member or free-to-play member and the amount of time you have been friends with the opposing player. Although it is more difficult to trade large sums of money to a main account, it is still possible buy cheap rs gold

rs money guide
runescape money making guide

Step1.Determine the amount of money and items you can trade with the opposing player. You can accomplish this by right-clicking the opposing player, and clicking “Trade With.” Your limit is listed on the right, and the opposing player’s trade limit is listed on the left. If the numbers differ, the amount you can trade with the opposing player is the lower of the two trade limits.

Step2.Right-click the gold in your inventory, and click “Offer-X Gold.” Type the amount of Runescape gold you wish to trade, and select “Accept.” Wait for the other player to accept the trade. This amount should represent the maximum trade limit amount.

Step3.Initiate the trade again after 15 minutes. Each player’s trade limit resets 15 minutes subsequent to a completed trade. Continue trading with the opposing player until the entire amount has been traded to your main account.

If the opposing player has been your friend for a month or longer, “RuneScape” multiplies the trade limit. Being friends for a month multiplies the trade limit by two. Being friends for two months multiplies the trade limit by three. Being a friend for three months multiplies the trade limit by four. The maximum trade limit between two friends is 240,000 gold for members and 40,000 for non-members.

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