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Most of runescape players want to get free rs gold, free items, free equipment even runescape free membership. Today let’s tell you something about get free stuffs in game and on some websites. If you are new to runescape, you need to learn and level your account to level 15 at least. In that case, you will be familiar with what we are talking about here. You need to put some rs 2007 gold on your account.

runescape guide
Runescape memebership

Select one of the gathering skills to train. These include fishing, woodcutting, mining and hunting. Each of these requires some basic tools to get started that are readily available on the Grand Exchange. For fishing you will need a net to start. Woodcutting requires a bronze hatchet. In order to start mining you should get a bronze pickaxe. To start hunting you should use a snare.

Collect the most valuable item that you have the skill to get. As you gain levels you will be able to collect more valuable items. Fishing sharks, woodcutting magic logs, mining rune ore, and hunting chinchompas are among the fastest ways of money making runescape. .

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