RS3 your phone of game life

Second ,Pay with phone to top up your prepaid balance. Once you are registered and logged in, click  in your account panel in the right sidebar. On the next page, select ZayPay as payment option. Then choose the amount you want to top up with and follow instructions to complete your phone payment. It is typically done in a couple of minutes. Once the payment has gone through you can choose to make another top up or start buying Runescape gold, items and so on .

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Then ,check out and pay by Prepaid balance. Navigate to the gold category or the old school gold category in the left sidebar and choose the amount you want to buy. Then add the gold to cart, move cursor unto cart , and click check out. Once in check out, enter your in-game name and any other relevant delivery information and choose prepaid balance as payment method.

Finally ,it is necessary to have a talk with our live chat for RS gold delivery . We will meet you in a world of your choice and trade the Runescape money over to your character. The RS Gold is now yours and all it took was a phone call and a few minutes of your time. Have a good time !

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