MU Legend Is An Old Game But Was Also Unique

In MU Legend, the boss fights are insane and if you have the multiplayer version you need like a party with different jobs. The class specific mounts in MU Legend became available for everyone, which might sound okay. Usually, when you applied for any dungeon and you had every class in group. The game’s Global Open Beta Test soon to be come in September, we have to wait, and hope to see more new stuffs.

MU Legend is based on Unreal Engine 3, and same quality as Diablo 3. For the first impression of MU Legend, some gamers thinks that it doesn’t lend it self to any real story or atmosphere, the graphics can only be so appealing in an Isometric viewpoint. Its is entirely gear based leaving no real room for skill making progression and combat linear and stale.

But now, the endless tower is quite fun, looking for a good group combination and trying to get higher as fast as possible. The combat and graphics are serviceable though and it can be fun. On the whole, the game is pretty fun. There’s so much content in the game and it’s not pay-to-win. More changes and contents can be found more here.

For the developer of MU Legend, they had to do was recreate the game with a better engine. Despite of being an old game, it was unique on its own way. The Closed Beta Tests come to an end, and they’re planning on a Global Open Beta Test release of the game in multiple languages. The highly-anticipated Global OBT will be opened in September this year. Are you now prone to buy MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling? Welcome to U4GM, we will meet your’s any needs.