Runescape3 Food introduction

Food, in RuneScape, is what enables the player to regain Health, although some foods may have other effects as well. Food can be obtained through the Cooking skill, from other players, or from non-player characters. However the fastest healing food for members with multiple bites are summer pies which only takes 0.6 seconds per bite . Your maximum recovery by eating food is your constitution level multiplied by 20. So if your consitution level is 50, your maximum health recovery by eating runescape food is 1000. So, this means that you can also find out the best level to eat food by taking the maximum health recovery of the food and dividing by 20.


If your level is below the recomended level to eat the food it can only heal your level multiplied by 16. There are many types of food: fish, meat, bread, cakes, pies, and pizza. Some foods, such as pies, cakes and pizzas, have two or more “bites” or “slices”. There are foods which grow from the ground such as potatoes, cabbages, and onions; those items can be put into baskets and sacks. You could also get food as a treasure trail reward, in the form of purple sweets or biscuits.

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Lastly, there are holiday items food such as pumpkin and easter egg. It is strongly recommended that a player does not eat holiday items, as all are rare and extremely valuable. So choose your food suitably while playing your game,have a good time!

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