RS New Nightmare Zone Rewards

What is the new rewards?


1. The Seer, Archer, Warrior and Berserker rings can be imbued, improving their combat stats.
2. Crystal bows and shields can be imbued, making them keep their combat stats unchanged as they degrade.
3. Black Masks can be imbued, giving you combat bonuses when using Magic or Ranged attacks against your assigned Slayer target, and improving their combat stats a little.
4. The reward shop now sells Scrolls of Redirection that can be used to change the destination of a ‘Teleport to House’ tablet. You can choose a destination of any player-owned house portal, or Trollheim.
5. The reward shop now sells vials and a limited supply of herb boxes.
6. The imbued items are noncommutative. If you die wearing an imbued ring or Black Mask, the item will be dropped in its un-imbued state.

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