RS New Prestige System?

November is coming around . With this update,the high score tables will be unlocked and once again the player who worked the hardest will top our table list .Then how do you think of this update ? If you have any good ideas about whether this system should be here in the game or not and also how it should work or improved ,please share it with us.


While different people may hold different kinds of opinions . Someone may think that it wouldn’t be a bad update or vice-versa .While please keep in your mind that it requires a membership and have 99 in a skill to use this system . Moreover, the Prestige System allows you to choose any of your current 99s, click a button and reset that skill to level 1.

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Recently Jagex released that they are ironing out the details of the Prestige System , with which players will be competing at all skill levels making items and areas that haven’t been relevant for a long time suddenly of interest again.

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