RS Create an Outfit Competition

Below are details specific requirements to the Design an Outfit Competition. Jagex give all people a chance to put your idea in game, available for all to see you creative awesomeness! Christmas will come soon. To celebrate Christmas, we’re asking for you to send in your Christmas- Winter- and Wintumber-themed outfit suggestions. It can be a cheerful snowman, armoured polar bear.Dastardly Penguin mastermind or Arnold Schwarzanelf can also.


Now act quickly and keep in mind with your designs that override items come in several parts. Everyone likes to mix and match, so making sure your outfits work with other clothing choices and will make it more popular. You don’t have to design overrides for weapons and effects for this competition but the option is there if you want to give it a go! If you want them to look the same be sure to state this in your design.You will need to design the outfits for both male and female avatars.

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Jagex post one news. Solomon’s General Store offers a fantastic range of costume overrides, including allowing you to create almost any outfit image. You can be an epic mage, Dark sorcerer or a strange person with ears and a tail. Custom is very important, but don’t you ever wanted to be a little more creative to clothing?

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