The First Descendant – How to quickly upgrade in the game?

If you are grinding in The First Descendant and unlocking multiple Descendants, it is recommended to buy TFD Character Unlock boosting service to help you unlock new characters quickly and save precious time and energy. Use coupon code “harry” at U4GM to get discounts and save more! If you want to get them to level 40, this guide is for you. I will show you two activities that will help you achieve this goal.

Activities for Fast Leveling

  1. Mind Blocking
  2. Resource Defense

Both activities are located in all three Fields: Kingston, Sterland, and Vespers. The difficulty level depends on the area you choose. If you encounter a difficult campaign, you can buy cheap TFD Campaign Boost to pass it quickly. Here are some recommendations:

  • Low-Level Players: Stick to Kingston if you already have it unlocked. The rewards are still substantial, and the difficulty is more manageable. Key Points:
  • Items that drop can be dismantled.
  • Morphis materials obtained can help unlock other descendants.

These activities are wave-based, where you and your teammates face waves of enemies. You are automatically matchmade with four other players, and you receive XP for every enemy killed by you or your teammates. This setup allows for rapid leveling.


  • Starting Level: 1
  • After Wave 10: Level 11

By reaching higher levels, you’ll unlock more skills, making your descendant more powerful.

Preferred Areas for Leveling

  • Kingston: Ideal for quick leveling.
  • Sterland: Offers more challenging enemies.

No matter which area you choose, these activities provide the fastest way to level up.

Main Missions and Unlocking Areas

Continuing with the main missions is crucial because:

  • Kingston: Unlocked early in the game.
  • Sterland and Vespers: Unlocked as you progress.

To efficiently level up:

  1. Complete main missions to unlock areas.
  2. Engage in resource defense missions in these areas.
  3. Use the XP gained to level up your character and newly unlocked descendants.


  • Early Game: Focus on unlocking Kingston to access resource defense.
  • Leveling: Once you have characters at level 40, you can easily level up new characters in the same way.