Six reasons to use the Fixer in Fallout 76

The Fixer is a top-tier weapon in Fallout 76 that is highly regarded by players. With legendary effects such as Bloody, Lifesteal, Quadruple, and Anti-Armor, the Fixer’s versatility and adaptability make it an excellent performer in both close and long-range combat. By fallout 76 buy caps, players can more easily obtain and modify the Fixer to enhance their gaming experience. Here are six reasons why the Fixer is worth using:

The Fixer

Legendary Effects

The Fixer has some excellent legendary effects that make it shine in the game. Players usually look for the following main legendary effects:

  • Bloody: Damage increases by up to 95% as health decreases
  • Vampire: Restores 2% health within 2 seconds after hitting the target
  • Quad Cannon: Ammo capacity +300%
  • Anti-Armor: +50% armor penetration

Among them, the Quad effect is the most popular, but the others are also very powerful. In addition, players often look for the following secondary effects:

  • Haste: Increases the rate of fire by 25%
  • Explosion: Bullets explode for 20% weapon damage
  • Critical Hit: +50% Critical Hit Damage

Of these effects, the Vital and Explosive effects are the most popular. Finally, the following Ultimate effects are also favorites among players:

  • VATS Optimization: -25% Action Point Cost
  • Agility: +15% Reload Speed
  • Durability: Weapons break down 50% slower
  • Luck: +15 VATS Critical Hit Charge Bonus
  • Lightweight: 90% lighter

Among them, the VATS Optimization effect is highly favored for its ability to cause higher damage in VATS.

.45 round

Ammunition Choice

The Fixer has two ammunition choices: the standard cheap .45 rounds and the .38 rounds. Players can modify the Fixer to use .38 rounds at the Weapon Workbench, which is very useful for players with limited resources. While the .45 round works best, the .38 round is also a good option, especially for lower-level players.


The versatility of the Fixer makes it suitable for most build types. Whether it is a single-shot weapon or an automatic rifle, the Fixer can be modified to suit different play styles. It performs well in both close and long-range combat, ensuring that players can handle it in any situation.

the Fixer

Stealth Bonus

The stealth effect of the Fixer makes it perfect for sneak attacks. Using the Fixer can enhance stealth capabilities and gain faster movement speed while sneaking. If the player hits a target while hidden, it will cause more damage. The movement speed increase provided by the Fixer allows players to quickly evacuate the scene.

the Fixer

High Damage

While the Fixer is not the most powerful automatic weapon in Fallout 76, its damage per shot is considerable. A standard level 50 Fixer can deal close to 50 damage per shot, and with the right settings, the damage per shot can exceed 100. The Fixer does more damage as a single-shot rifle, but its auto mode is more effective

Good in VATS and outside

The Fixer performs well in VATS and outside. Although it has a lot of recoil, with the right mods, the recoil can be controlled, making it effective outside of VATS. For players who like to use VATS, the Fixer is particularly effective, especially the Fixer with Vital effect.

All in all, the Fixer is a valuable weapon in Fallout 76. Its various legendary effects, high damage, stealth bonus, and ammunition selection make it a top choice for many players.