POE: Several Details Revolving Around Gameplay Had To Be Tweaked

Path of Exile, the Xbox One version will be free-to-play. On Xbox One and PC, even of the game will be the same story-wise on both platforms, several smaller details revolving around gameplay had to be tweaked to fix balance changes that effect the Xbox version in particular, making the two versions subtly different. According to Wilson, we are going to get the Xbox launch entirely out of the way and make sure we are supporting it well before looking at other platforms. If you are preparing poe currency buy, there is a good place, U4GM.

When it comes to the features of Path of Exile, the biggest features that required adjusting were skills that had players use the mouse to choose the placement of their attacks on PC, whereas on Xbox using the analog sticks would leave the you vulnerable while enemies continued attacking as the player paused to consider a placement. Anyway, the game starts off fairly simple as it guides you through some basics including your gear and gem slots.

When describing Path of Exile, one could quite easily borrow from its community, and explain that it’s a Diablo-style action-RPG, but with limitless customisation and character nuance. Like Diablo III, it feels more like a re-imagining once you get to walk your character around the screen and feel the immediacy of engaging with enemies and triggering skills and abilities with the new controller-based, err, control scheme.

The game tries to be complex, Path of Exile seems like a game with potential. The game quickly degrades into a game of one hit kills on both sides. In Path of Exile, it feels like you’re mindlessly clicking two: one to kill everything and one to jump around really fast. The rest of your buttons are just saved for passive skills that reduce your maximum mana. As you level up, a few tutorials appear to teach you the mechanics including your leveling tree and other things. You can check out more news and guides from here, click for source.