Lastest and Detailed POE 3.3 Builds,Duelist Slayer Melee Guide


This creates can do any boss in any map, here is how I deal with primary bosses :
– Normal Atziri: Facetank, never even move out of the AOEs. Remove your Reckoning, or you could OS your self to the Reflect Atziri when she splits
– Regular Atziritrio: Use Rumi, facetank and get rid of bleed stacks if any.
– Uber Atziri: Split phase can be a bit tricky, the repeated spears can kill us on the undesirable combo (3 hits Non blocked for example). Get rid of your Reckoning, or you could OS your self over the Reflect Atziri when she splits
– Uber Atziritrio: Destroy the titty lady 1st, be cautious with her projectile rain. When she is dead, facetank another two.
– Shaper: Usually stick on sides in the arena, in no way over the center. Shield charge into the volatile vortex to stack them and anything must be okay.
– Guardians: Practically nothing unique, facetank them, just stay clear of Hydra’s loaded bow shoot and Phoenix 1 shot AOE
Uber Izaro: Facetank him, even his slams.

+ Maybe viable really quickly with inexpensive items
+ 75% block & Spell block with Rumi’s concoction while in fight (50/50 in hideout)
+ High regen (Mainly 830+ HP / sec, up to 1100+ with glove lab enchant)
+ High physical mitigation (4% from node “Soul of Steel” + Arctic armor + 5/6 Enduring charges + 10% reduced from “Outmatch and outlast” in Ascendancy + Pantheon nodes while stationary)
+ Can Facetank almost all the things
+ Can do almost every map mod (Except elemental reflects)
+ Can AFK in maps without problems (still, never AFK in front of a boss :D)
+ Can do Hall of Grandmaster (well, there’s one particular guy I still can’t destroy, but 100% from the time I get 3 chests, and 25% from the time this guy doesn’t show up so I can clear it)
+ Can apply a 20% shock on a block for 4 seconds, works on bosses!

– Clear speed is not truly good compared to speedy builds, but it’s okay
– Can’t do elemental reflects
– Abyssus (negative effect countered well with all the physical mitigation + block)

Leveling Guide:
– Use Ground slam + Ruthless + Maim
– Start using Facebreaker gloves + any shield, and get a 4 link Shield Charge + Melee Physical + Added Fire + Faster attacks until you get ice crash
– You can start using Ice crash, see the gems links above. You can use the following uniques to improve your DPS
– Try to get rings & amulet with flat physical damage and high resists. Forget about life, for now, such rings are actually expensive, they are more affordable without life on it.

Painforged > Versatile Combatant > Outmatch and Outlast > Violent retaliation

For mapping, take Soul of Solaris & Soul of Tukohama
For Uber Atziri, take Soul of Solaris & Soul of Gruthkul
For Shaper, take Soul of Arakaali & Soul of Ryslatha

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Skill Tree:
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