All Birthday Cake Locations in Fortnite

Fortnite’s meteoric rise to accomplishment is pretty staggering all items thought of. It is gone from getting noticed as a faster-paced, cartoonier version of PUBG to the most significant game on this planet – madness.

Fortnite’s meteoric rise for the most significant game around the planet is pretty staggering all items viewed as. It really is gone from being that “other” cartoonier Battle Royale game that everybody played as an option to PUBG, to a thing that’s primarily taken over the globe. It’s stirred up controversy more than videogame addiction on mainstream media and a few of its dances featured in Planet Cup celebrations – madness.

Well, can you believe that it’s only Fortnite’s initially birthday now? Yes, this has all happened in only the space of a year.

To celebrate this particular occasion, Epic’s introduced three new 1st Birthday Challenges on leading from the usual bunch we’ll get later in the week. A single of them tasks you with dancing in front of 10 diverse Birthday Cakes scattered across the map. They’re not simple to find either, as Epic’s placed them in some fairly unassuming spots.

It really is worth drumming up the effort to find them all although, as you are going to earn a particular Birthday Backbling!

To help you get this challenge performed immediately so you may don that Backbling ahead of any one else, we’ve put together a list of each of the Birthday Cake locations across the map.

Editor’s Note: Given that our frantic update frenzy yesterday, we’re confident we’ve identified each of the Birthday Cakes across the map which we’ve listed inside the section beneath. They’re now all in alphabetical order for ease of use as well. Beneath this you’ll discover a video outlining their places in further detail, a map it is possible to bring up on a second screen while you happen to be hunting for them as well as a summary of your other Birthday Celebration challenges also.

All Birthday Cake locations

Here’s a list of where you’ll find all the Birthday Cakes across the map. In order to get this challenge completed, you will need to find 10 and dance in front of them for a second or two. The UI will notify you when you’ve ticked one off, but make sure that you stay in the game until you’re eliminated! Leaving early will cost you progress.

Fatal Fields – Slap-bang in the centre of this zone is another Birthday Cake.
Flush Factory – Centre of this location, just outside the main factory.
Greasy Grove – Towards the middle of this zone is a car park that contains another cake.
Lazy Links – South East side, on the golf course by the road.
Lonely Lodge – Just outside this location, near the yellow caravan.
Paradise Palms – Follow the main road into this location and you’ll spot near the “Paradise” sign on the corner.
Pleasant Park – Check behind the gas station.
Risky Reels – The grassy hill directly south of Risky Reels has another.
Retail Row – We’ve read that another is available in the middle of this zone. We’ve just confirmed this for ourselves.
Tilted Towers – North East of this location, near the waterfall.
Wailing Woods – West of this location, on one of the small hilltops.

The YouTube community has been busy tracking down all the cake locations too. You might want to fire up this video by PostboxPat as they’ve put together a great guide to finding them all:

The above image shows what these Birthday Cakes look like.

All Birthday Cakes – Map
Famous Fortnite community member squatingdog has put together one of their brilliant cheat sheets which showcases where to find all the Birthday Cakes across Fortnite’s map.

If you’re struggling to see some areas of the map, click on it to zoom in for a closer look!

Other Birthday Celebration Challenges

Once you’ve busted a move in front of 10 Birthday Cakes, you’ll still have a couple of challenges to tick off to get the Birthday cosmetic set.

Here are the remaining two challenges with their associated rewards:

Play matches (14) – XP 5000
Deal damage to opponents (1000) – “Fortnite Birthday!” Emoticon
Thankfully both these challenges go hand in hand with eachother. It’s best to get aggressive if you’re focusing on getting these two done quickly. This way you’ll work towards “Deal damage to opponents” and if you’re eliminated early, you’ll at least begin getting closer to playing 14 matches in total to complete the “Play matches” challenge.

Commonly, they are not worth the trouble for motives which are adequate in the extended run. Even though they’re beneficial for players who may possibly know nothing at all regarding the game. For probably the most component, they may be understanding tools for novices to ease them into the game. For far more Fortnite Tips And Guides, you are able to take a look at Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code at no cost from the reps should you Get Fortnite Items or Weapons from this short article.