How To Start Playing Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, there is so much information to take in. If you enjoy games with complex systems that require time and practice to understand, PoE is a good choice for you. Below, u4gm will give a simple introduction and guidance for this game.

This game is about making a plan for what kind of build you want for your character, and the passive tree is the means you use to do it. So once you have your plan, you pick the character and allocate the nodes that you’ll need for your build.

For example, if you want a non-critical melee build that relies on physical damage, you hit nodes that will increase physical damage. Resolute technique is a keystone (big node) that would be essential for such a build because your attacks can’t be evaded. You won’t deal crits, yes, but since the said build is a physical one, resolute technique will only help you and not hinder you in anyway.

Path of Exile

You can also use Path of Building, a downloadable PoE ‘app,’ if you can call it that, that can help you to understand the passive tree better, and give you an idea of how a certain build may look like if you choose to design one yourself.

Also, when using the passive skill tree, it’s always best to avoid allocating too many strength, intel, or dexterity nodes, since they don’t really give you the upgrades you’re looking for, aside from allowing you to wear gear.

Also, life on this game is Essentlal. Yes, DPS is fun, but you’re also going to have to regularly upgrade life on your character in order to ensure they don’t die easily as you progress through the story, and later endgame.

And avoid mana nodes unless you’re using the Mind Over Matter keystone. Mana nodes are a waste and you should use your passive points for other things.

So in short:

  • Come up with a build, or find someone else’s build to copy from. That means knowing what kind of skills, weapons, armor, and all the other gear you’ll be using, etc.
  • Navigate the passive skill tree so you pick nodes that perfectly fit that build.

Also: do not allocate points on mana nodes, and do not spend points on intel, dex, or str nodes if you don’t have to. Your priorities should be on nodes that will fit the purpose of your build. Basically, find the shortest path you can that will yield the best results. Lastly, you should also prioritize on life nodes as well.

Oh yeah, one more thing, learn about elemental resistances as well. Resistance is cruclal. It sounds like a lot, but research will help quite a bit, as well as trial and error from playing the game itself.