Path of Exile 3.2 Bestiary Spectral Shield Throw Best Builds

This is my take on a Spectral Shield Throw build scaling Physical and Bleed damage through the Duelist Class with Gladiator Ascendancy. The twist on this build is that it uses the unique Soul Taker Siege Axe to provide defensive mitigation by allowing our pure Physical damage to Chill and Physical and Bleed damage scaling using the Hypothermia Support Gem allowing us to reliably reach 450k+ DPS.

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Build Summary
The Soul Taker Spectral Shield Throw Blood Slushy Gladiator is a really fun active playstyle build capable of mapping all the way to Tier 16 with Boss kills, Atziri / Uber Atziri viable, Red Elder, and Shaper viable.

We are using pure Physical & Bleed damage delivered with Spectral Shield Throw for both mob clearing and single target. Our clear speed is augmented with Bleed Explosions through the Gladiator Ascendancy Gratuitous Violence passive and Spirit Burst through the use of a Lightpoacher Helm. We use two very fast and flexible movement skills Shield Charge and Leap Slam to quickly navigate any terrain.

We are using a multilayered defense setup with high Armour (50%+ mitigation), high Evasion (50%+ evade chance), and high Block & Spell Block (50%+ Block & Spell Block). Our moderate chance to gain Phasing (14%+) keeps us very elusive and smooth moving during mapping. We are also applying Maim, Chill, and Blind to our enemies to greatly reduce their speed and chance to hit.

Very durable character with multilayered defensive mitigations
Medium to fast clear speed through Tier 16 maps
Can run most map mods
No gem swaps

Spectral Shield Throw is love or hate skill
Top end DPS will max out around 500k
Endgame gear can be expensive
Leveling with Spectral Shield Throw from 30 – 50 is painful

Our playstyle is Shield Charge into the first pack, use Frenzy and take damage until our Blood Rage and Tempest Shield trigger, throw shields until everything explodes, Shield Charge to the next pack and throw more shields. Our bonus Flasks charges and Overflowing Chalice allow us to run nearly 100% uptime on our Flasks so we piano key as we go. For more poe tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose where you can cheap poe buy currency.