How To Complete Deadly Encounters In PoE Bestiary League

In Path of Exile, collectors of poe orbs may know, the Bestiary League have arrived. Completing deadly encounters is one of the tasks you need to do.

Path of Exile

Alluring Abyss Normal. This is the uber Atziri, is hard fight. If you’re build not that good, just buy the service for doing this.(Expensive)

The Shaper Normal. This is the last boss in the atlas of world(end game maps), the hardest boss in the game. Just like the uber atziri, just buy the service if you’re build not capable to do it.(Slightly Expensive)

Red Tier Elder Normal. With the [3.2 improvement]](/s “Made changes to how map selection occurs when choosing which maps contain The Elder and his Guardians. As a result of this change, it will be easier on average to encounter The Elder on higher tier maps.”) we can expect getting red tier elder will be easier. When your atlas have enough elder’s influence, The Elder together with his guardians will spawn at the middle of the influence.

You have to beat the guardians first then only can fight with The Elder, if not The Elder won’t spawn from the map. There’s also a tiny trick to do this, you can use shaper’s orb on the map that elder spawn to turn the map into yellow or red tier depending of the original map tier, so you won’t have much problem with Elder spawn in white zone.

Vaal Temple Hard. Can get this through divination card name Lingering Remnants or vaaling T15 maps above only. The boss inside is pretty hard, not to mention with random add-on mods on top of this map make it more dangerous, just buy the service if you’re build not capable to do it.(Slightly Expensive)

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