MU Legend Was Actively Discussed By The Community

If we look back on the first global testing of MU Legend, the game was actively discussed by the community and received a lot of flattering reviews. Meanwhile, developers promise to present a large amount of interesting content in a short time. Webzen, the third-largest publisher and developer of online games in Korea, and is trying to create more new content for the game.

The company Webzen published a series of trailers, if you are eager to watch those trailer, welcome to click here. Those videos can be viewed in good quality, having seen all the details. The trailer shows locations, characters, features of PvE, including group play and fights with various bosses, and also reveals the details of the plot.

Developers are preparing their future plans for the game. On the second test, gamers can be allowed to try out the guild system, the arena of 1v1, the maze-labyrinths and the system of artifacts. In the game there are new new bosses, objects, the systems demonstrated earlier have been improved. The developers want to lower the priority of the solo game and improve the group play.

For the other changes, it is worth noting the class rebalance, the rebalance of complex dungeon passing regimes, the emergence of an automatic group search system for danmen, the design of improved wings, and more. To learn more about MU Legend, the different content and details, recommend you go to website. At the same time, U4GM promise to you that offers cheap MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.