MU Legend New PvE Maps And New PvP Content

MU Legend is literally the Korean version of Diablo 3. The combat is really slick and is much better than Devilian. That looks like some pretty crazy end game content. The game offers a variety of content for players from several dungeons to a guild system and even an arena.

You can see the new class Emphasizer in combat. She can manipulate all kinds of weapons and even the enemies’ mind. Besides, there are PvE and PvP mission maps, Knight League. Based on its ability to awaken lost power to control objects and minds, an emphasizer can freely manipulate weapons to make ranged attacks, immobilize or control the mind of a small group of targets.

New PvE maps include the Infinite Tower, Blood Castle, and a maze dungeon, while the new PvP content include 10v10 mode similar to “point capture”. Knight League is actually a guild and guild war system. A guild can have its airship, which can be invaded by other guilds. Gamers are in need of the cheapest MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling?

Guild airship is like a dungeon itself with a lot of traps and monsters. By successfully invading the opponent’s guild airship, a guild can take home a lot of loot to develop their own guild. Players may also create and join guilds in the capital city of Ohrdor, guilds will eventually be able to unlock airships. To view more latest update and news, stay tuned U4GM.