Mu Legend Added A Better Dynamic With Its Four Classes

Realistically, Mu Legend provides gamers with instances in PvE mode. As with Diablo, dungeons are all randomly generated. As a reward, there are experiences and souls. The former increase our level and thus the character values, the latter release new skills in a separate tree. Are you now considering to buy Mu Legend Zen?

According to the producer, Closed Beta 2 of MU Legend will focus on the implementation of the location for several languages besides English, including French, German, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese. At this time, there will be no removal of data from the first Closed Beta. That means players can continue where they left off in the first CBT. More the first Closed Beta details and useful guidance, please visit here:

The Mu Legend added a better dynamic with its 4 well-adapted classes for hack ‘n’ slash gameplay. Playing solo or with friends, this MMO puts us in a colossal world ideal for incredible battles. According to Richard Moon, WEBZEN Global Business Department, they teams have been working hard on Mu Legend.

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