A New Death Mechanic Was Obtained By Albion Online

As a big content update, it was named for Cador, it has been live in Albion Online, in addition to this, the new death mechanic is an interesting new feature, and it will have a player knocked down first, when their hit points run out first. Be sure to take note though that cheap albion online silver.


An opposing player or mob then needs to move in for an execution, resulting in an additional strategic component in battles. This is very similar to Guild Wars 2’s downed state and death.Other new content includes a new furniture item Repair Kits, with which you can place practically anywhere in the world that will then serve as a convenient repair station. The developer has simplified the armor system to improve the readability so our players more easily know what’s what.

Moreover, including 2 new types of dungeons, the shanties as well as the Mines, they are Heretic-themed, more imfortantly, they will also offer gateway dungeon experience to low-tier solo players as well as small groups, for new stuff as well as improvement, you can head over to UPAlbion.com.