FIFA 15: Transfer Market Closes for Ultimate Team changing

FIFA 15 Transfer Market will be closed and run an extended maintenance period for the Ultimate Team mode game announced Video game developer EA Sports, where you buy FIFA 15 Coins from. This will have an enormous impact, good or bad, who knows?

The official Twitter account of the series says that at 5 PM Greenwich Mean Time games will no longer be able to trade players and that one hour and a half after that the actual downtime for Ultimate Team will start, which is at the moment projected to run for 3 hours.

The developers are not offering any kind of information on the big change that they are planning to make and it seems that the community also has no idea about how the experience associated with the mode might be tweaked.

More information on both the maintenance and on the coming modifications for Ultimate Team in FIFA 15 will be offered on the official social channels associated with EA Sports.

FIFA 15, Transfer Market Closes

It would have been nice for the company to give the community the data it needs so that it can evaluate its impact while the maintenance is being performed.

A patch for FIFA 15 is also set to be deployed today on Pc, the Xbox One from Microsoft, the PlayStation 4 from Sony and last gen consoles.

FIFA 15 has become a big ecosystem

FIFA 15 has been a very solid release for Electronic Arts and the developers working on it are continuing to deliver Team of the Week updates on Wednesday while also offering additional content to keep the fans engaged.

FIFA 15, Transfer Market Closes

The fact that a new title update is a surprise given that the studio has long suggested that it is not planning to introduce a new one as more resources are being shifted to the new entry in the series.

FIFA 16 is already in the works but no information about it has been offered so far.

Traditionally an official announcement will be made in May and a fuller look at the changes that EA Sports is planning to make will be introduced during the E3 2015 event in June.