RS Making Flour can get big Profit

Firstly, you must have at least one pot to make this preparation. And the flour can be bought in food shop at port Sarim with 2007 runescape gold or you can make it like this. You just go to the wheat field near the windmill. You will see the atlas for its location. And you can pick those grains as you have pots. Then when you fill them up with your pots. You can take them back. Then you go to the top floor of the windmill. Now you use the hopper to grind your grains into flour. So it is very useful for you to make you be a experienced person. You have to insist on it and get more items to exchange into 2007 RuneScape gold which can be used to buy some powerful weapons or game props.


The scarecrows points that you need to put one grain into the hopper then you operate the hopper. Maybe you have to keep doing this for many times for getting the final flour. If you don’t, you will just only get one flour. So if you get many of them, you just do it repeatedly. These flour can bring you some 2007 RuneScape gold if you choose to sell them. Then now you go to the bottom floor to collect the flour. You can use each pot you have on the flour pile to fill the pot. Please do not worry. Only you can see the flour you mill. You just do your best to make flour and get what you want to have. Hope you have a nice playing time.

Do you want to make flour by yourself? Do you want to be a experienced person in this popular game? Now we will tell you some helpful suggestions to make your dream come true. If you want to make more Runescape 2007 Gold, now it’s the time that you perform. The following information can assist you on achieving it. Please pay attention to it.

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