Runescape Castle Wars

Improved gaming experience: In addition to the updated interface showing you the status of your fortress and your score, we other improvements in terms of gaming experience.


System with two types of tickets: Tickets Castle Wars is now available in two versions: the gold and silver tickets tickets. Silver tickets will allow you to gain valuable objects, such as pieces of ballista, potions or chinchompas. You can get this type of tickets whatever the outcome of the game, meaning that you never leave empty-handed playing Castle Wars. If they win or draw, you will receive gold tickets to exchange against excellent armor for use in the mini game.

Armor Wars improved citadels:Speaking of armor, we have major improvements to armor Castle Wars.You can get these armor through your golden ticket. To give you an example, valuable ornamental armor now equals equipment Nex. They are also armor “hybrid”,ideal for those who like to vary combat styles and use the Magic, Combat Melee and Ranged.

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The minigame Castle Wars, whose popularity continues unabated, now enjoys a graphical overhaul. It gives a much more impressive elements to the environment aspect, and brings a lot of improvements and changes in the battle arena and the gaming experience has never been so much fun to besiege the citadel of your enemies, which is more in a more grandiose scenery before!

Our graphics team has surpassed: each citadels is incredibly impressive and contains traps based on a specific theme. The tunnels beneath the arena are illuminated a gloomy light that gives them a sinister aspect. However, we wanted to stay true to the style that you know. You to defend the walls or you’re undercover mission, you will not feel out of place.

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