The Most Effective Way to Make World of Warcraft Gold for Your Character

The auctioneer add-on provides World of Warcraft players with the tools they need to earn gold in an effective, consistent and simple manner without hindering their normal play style. By dedicating a little time to your auctions ever day or two, you can focus on other areas of your game while the auction house makes you all of the  world of warcraft gold you will ever need to spend.

wow gold guide
world of warcraft gold

Install the Auctioneer add-on through Auctioneer website or through your preferred add-on client, such as Curse client. Restart your game after installation and go to the character selection screen for your primary server. Click the “Add-on” button in the bottom left-hand side of the character selection screen. Make sure that all add-ons with the “auc” prefix are checked. This will activate the auctioneer add-on. Log onto your main character or your main bank character.

Go to the nearest faction auction and click on them to bring up the in-game auctioneer screen. Select the “Browse” tab along the bottom of the screen. At the top of your auctioneer screen, you will see three scan options. Use the first to perform a normal scan of the auction house, or the second, which is denoted by a blue color, if your computer is extremely fast and you have a fast internet connection. The fast scan option will disconnect you from the game if your system cannot handle the speed. Perform this scan three times a day for a week or two. After this, you will only need to scan the auction house once or twice a day. This scan provides your auctioneer add-on with information about current auctions and the selling price of items on your server.

After scanning the auction house for at least a week to collect data, click on the search tab. Select the option under the “Searchers” title along the left-hand side of the auctioneer window that corresponds with your crafting skill. Enchanters select “disenchant,” jewelcrafters select “prospect” and inscribers select “milling.” This search will give you a list of available materials that you can purchase and then process immediately to resell at a profit.

Use other character with gethering skills to acquire free resources for your crafting characters to process. Be patient while your materials sell, and return frequently to process the materials you have gathered and purchased. Restock your auction at least every two days to ensure you have a ready stock of merchandise for people to purchase.


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