FIFA 15 Premier League Best Finishing XI

It is very interesting to put together a wonderfully crafted move full of lovely intricate passes on FIFA 15, which is loved by thousands of FIFA fans and costs most of their FIFA 15 Coins, You may feel nervous when you have a low finishing stat at an important time. Everyone who plays FIFA 15 always talk about Pace, which is well-know and a key in the game.

With that in mind we have created the best finishing eleven from Premier League players these lads have the ability to put the ball in the net from all over the pitch and these are the kings of the finesse shots. Every player in this team had to be a gold star player and as we found out when building the team we didn’t have to leave anyone out. Let’s have a look at the team.

GK: Asmir Begovic – Stoke City

Only five goalkeepers in Premier League history have scored goals and three remain currently active in the top league Asmir Begovic, Tim Howard and Brad Friedel. Of these the former is the most recent to score and he is arguably the best on current form. For that reason he is the player we have chosen to be the goalkeeper in the side given the similar finishing stats of most goalkeepers.

RB: Seamus Coleman – Everton

Coleman will go down in Premier League history as one of the biggest bargains and his £60,000 transfer fee looks even more impressive due to the high transfer fees being bandied about at the moment. His finishing stat is 66 which isn’t too surprising given the five goals he scored last season bombing on from right-back, something you should look to exploit.

FIFA 15, Premier League

CB: Vlad Chiriches – Tottenham Hotspur

We’ll be honest we were a bit surprised to see Chiriches in this list but he the second best finishing centre-back with a stat of 59. His only goal to date for Spurs was during the 2-1 win over Fulham back in December 2013 but he’s yet to get off the mark in the league this season. He does have a shot power stat of 81 though perhaps one of the few players in this team where power is better than finesse.

CB: Jan Vertonghen – Tottenham Hotspur

In his first season with the club Vertonghen showed his prowess with four goals in the Premier League but in the past two seasons he hasn’t scored once in the league. Nevertheless he is always a goal option as he showed during the 2-1 victory over Sunderland recently when he had one goal marked down as an own goal and another bizarrely ruled out.

LB: Leighton Baines – Everton

Over the past three seasons in the Premier League no defender has scored more goals than Baines (12). Whilst we concede most of these are from set-pieces it doesn’t detract from the fact that Baines is a wonderfully talented player and a good example of modern, attacking full-backs. He’s a threat with his clever runs and his ability from set-pieces makes him a valuable asset to the side.

RM: Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal

Sanchez is Arsenal’s top scorer with 12 league goals and already during his brief career in the Premier League he has shown that he is capable of moments of magic. His influence may have waned in the past couple of months but he remains a crucial player for Arsenal and he will be for you with his pace and close control.

CM: Yaya Toure – Manchester City

When Yaya Toure was at the African Cup of Nations City won just one game without him, which highlighted that whilst he may not necessarily be the most talented player at the club he is the most important. Toure is the gel that holds City together and his finishing stat of 82 is just one of many above the magical 80 mark. He’s one of the best central midfielders in the world and a player who is truly capable of scoring from anywhere.

CM: Frank Lampard – Manchester City

Last season Yaya Toure scored 20 goals in the Premier League but the record for goals scored by a midfielder in one season still stands with his team-mate Frank Lampard during Chelsea’s double winning side of the 2009-10 season. Lampard is arguably the greatest goalscoring midfielder in history given his record and this season he has chipped in with five goals, including that late goal against former club Chelsea. His finishing stat is deservedly up at 82.

LM: Eden Hazard – Chelsea

Last season Hazard scored 14 goals in the league and given he has nine already he could be on course to beat that. The Belgian wide man is such a talented player and he is the hub of this Chelsea team, he’s the man they look to for inspiration. His finishing stat is up at 83 and with a dribbling stat of 92 he is an absolute nightmare for opponents to deal with and one of the best in the game to play with.

FIFA 15, Premier League

ST: Diego Costa – Chelsea

Along with Sergio Aguero Costa is the top scorer in the Premier League at the moment with 17 goals but despite this we’re still not sure he deserves the highest finishing stat in the league of 92. Aguero is arguably a more natural finisher and regardless of who you think is the better striker the Argentine is surely the better finisher. Nevertheless Costa makes the team which is great news for us, his strength and pace means he is one of the best forwards in the game.

ST Falcao – Manchester United

Now given that we were surprised to see Costa lead the finishing stats in the Premier League you can imagine our reaction when we saw that Falcao (91) is ahead of Aguero (90). Even ignoring the fact that Falcao’s form is a shadow of what he is capable we think Aguero is just that little bit better. Nevertheless it’s the Colombian who makes the team and unlike Costa Falcao does not have the pace to make him a real threat. Your best bet is to send in crosses and use his aerial prowess.