FIFA 15 Guides: how to purchase

There are something you need to pay attention to when you are going to buy FIFA 15 online through easport website. First, security,  is it safe to put visa card data and purchase the FIFA 15? Then how to do with the process of buying FIFA 15. And if computer is formated, what will happen to the purchase. I’m telling you then.

That is the most expensive way to buy it from the creator. ANY legitimate major company (EA aka ORiGIN, Steam, CNN, MACYS, etc.) is as ‘safe’ as if you walked to their brick store and handed your CC over to purchase something. People still ‘steal’ that information when you do it AT the CASH REGISTER just as much as we seen these security breaches, it happens just like BANK ROBBERIES still happen right? Does that mean putting your money in the bank is ‘not safe’?

FIFA 15 guides,

Now if you go to ‘SmileySam’ website and have no way to walk up to SmileySam’s Office Building and PUNCH him in the face, then YES I would say it is HIGHLY RISKY to use SmileySam.COM instead of EA.COM.
RULE OF THUMB: If you can’t send your Lawyer / your FIST physically into someone for that company at a REAL building location THEN DO NOT VIRTUALLY SHOP THERE.

All these game makers or top distributors (like steam at use a CLIENT software you HAVE TO INSTALL FIRST. In this case EA will tell you to make a account and INSTALL THE ORIGIN CLIENT. You then purchase through the website / client the games you want and it will download through the client software from the dedicated servers to then install to your PC. You will normally NOT need a ‘code’, but some older games still have them and usually you get a CONFIRMATION OF PURCHASE email with any such codes PLUS when you see the ‘game’ listed in the ORIGIN CLIENT, it will have the code information. THIS GAME IS NOW ONLY ALLOWED TO BE USED BY THAT AND ONLY THAT ORIGIN ACCOUNT YOU CREATED. You can NOT give away, sell, or anything else the game. And if you want some FIFA 15 Coins, can help.

FIFA 15 guides,

As mentioned, the games are distributed through the CLIENT software based on the logged in account. So if you reformat your laptop then download the CLIENT software again, as soon as you provide your account information it will show you ALL the games you purchased, then you select WHICH ones to download and play again.

Hope what i said can really help you, it’s my pleasure to do something useful for you, i love you guys!