Jahic’s high evaluation to Germany players

There was an wonderful virtual match between the world champion and current Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) Champion Mirza Jahic on FIFA 15, when August Rosenmeier was visiting to Zurich for the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014. They are both the number one, but one is in real world, the other in virtual world. If you want to watch the virtual show, click into fifacoinsfit.org for whole video!

“When I was asked if I wanted to play an exhibition match against the FIWC Champion at the Ballon d’Or, I didn’t hesitate for a second,” Jahic said, “I am a competitive player and my goal is to be the best in the world. To play against the best was a great experience for me even though it was just a friendly.”

The 24-year old self-defence instructor currently lives in Austria, where he runs his own martial arts school. When Mirza isn’t practicing Wing Tsun Li, he’s playing FIFA 15. So what is the Virtual Bundesliga and how tough is it to become the champion? “The Virtual Bundesliga is the biggest tournament in Germany to determine the best FIFA Player in Germany, Switzerland and Austria,” explained Jahic. “You have to stay focused all the time and believe in yourself. Germany has many strong players. It is very hard to be the best.”

August vs. Mirza

August’s Denmark proved impenetrable, as did Jahic’s Germany. With the score still 0-0 after extra-time, the match was decided on penalties. August displayed the composure that has helped him secure the world title, scoring his first four penalties while Jahic could only manage to score one of his first three. “This was our first match ever, but I have a feeling that it won’t be our last,” said Jahic after losing against the world champion. “It was a very close game. We neutralized each other and both of us defended very well. I had three big chances to take the lead but I missed every time. It was very hard to get through August’s defense. Playing him, you can see why he is currently the best.”

Now that Jahic has had a taste of what awaits in Munich at the Grand Final, the Bosnian gamer is eager to make it to the FIWC showpiece. “I know that I can keep up with the best of the best,” he said, “my goal now is to make it the FIWC Grand Final. I have never played in a Grand Final before, but I have a feeling that my time might come soon.”

Mirza’s FIWC history

The VBL Champion is no stranger to the FIFA Interactive World Cup. In 2011, Mirza came within just minutes of securing a seat at the FIWC 2011 Grand Final in Los Angeles. Mirza managed to survive the pre-qualification phase for the Germany, Austria, and Switzerland live qualification event for FIWC 2011, which was held in Berlin. At the live event, 40 pre-qualified players competed for the one available Grand Final seat.

high evaluation, Germany players

“It was my first live event and I made it to the final match,” he said. “In the final, I was leading 2:0 all the way up to the 73rd minute. Then my opponent scored from his very first corner. In the end I lost 3:2 because of inexperience. My dreams were crushed. Next time I will take my chance.”

Mirza’s opponent in that fateful final was Manuel Waibel. The German 
would go on to compete in the Los Angeles Grand Final, but failed to make it out of Group D, which was packed with seasoned FIWC players such as Alfonso Ramos, Ruben Zerecero and eventual FIWC11 bronze medalist Mark Azzi.

Jahic thinks that was really an good experience to have a virtual fight against the world champion on FIFA 15. He can easily feel the kind of his Germany friends and hope to have a match with world’s best FIFA players at the Grand Final.