After the World Cup The best yet FIFA 15

FIFA 15’s latest trailer has certainly whetted the pallet of many an expectant fan. The latest instalment of FIFA should be the best yet and here’s why.

FIFA 15 pic

It is taking place after the World Cup

The World Cup naturally increases the exposure a player receives and after the prestigious tournament concludes there is an abundance of football transfers taking place, as teams try to snap up some of the stand-out stars of the tournament – players who may not have been known to them previously. This summer should see a lot of player movement. There’s already Diego Costa at Chelsea and Adam Lallana at Liverpool, meaning that squads will feel extremely fresh and a lot more fun to play with.

Ignite Engine

The Ignite Engine could very well become EA’s magnum opus. The innovative technology was first seen on the next generation versions of FIFA 14, so with a further year to tinker with the engine you would expect it to be even better. It really is an impressive piece of tech, allowing the computer to think like an actual athlete. For example, as a game nears the final whistle computer players will have a sense of urgency and rush to take more shots on goal, something that has never been seen before. The Ignite software can handle four times as many calculations per second than older EA titles. In summary, it is mad!

Ultimate Team Edition

In the past the Ultimate Team Edition version of the game has cost more and delivered little, but FIFA 15 is the polar opposite. If you like playing FUT online then the Ultimate Team Edition will really entice you. This time EA are offering 40 free gold packs over 40 weeks, Lionel Messi for a five game loan, the Adidas All Star team, historic kit bundle and some old school Predators. Legends are seemingly remaining an Xbox exclusive while early talk suggests that Peter Schmeichel and Carlos Valderrama will be two of the numerous legends.

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