It is Easy to Make RS Gold in RuneScape by Trading Meat

Note:  this guide is members only.

Are you tired of being a poor member? There is an easy way to get 700% return on investments which this guide will teach you. 

Runescape Varrock

1.Walk east from Varrock to Canifis.

2.Store everything in your bank, except money and a wolfbane dagger. You want to have a low weight so you can run faster and longer.

3.Go to the meat shop in town square.

4.Buy bear meat at the shop for 8 rs gold apiece.

5.Go to the bank and store the bear meat. Continue this until you have 1,000 pieces of bear meat.

6.Go back to Varrock and to the Grand Exchange.

7.Sell the meat for about 74 Runescape Gold each at the Grand Exchange.

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