Buy Cheap RS Gold to Applaud For RS Master Skillcapes

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Master skillcapes

Every skill are now owning a specially master skillcapes
For many players, level 99 is definitely not enough for them. Many of you enjoy earning XP beyond 99, and it’s high time that dedication was recognized. From now on, every skill will own their proprietary master capes.
You would need a ‘virtual’ level of 120 (104,273,167 XP) in a skill to unlock a Master cape. Otherwise, you would be in a position to buy them for 120,000 GP each. If you are sick of working harder for them, 2007rsgold will be the best place for cheap rs gold buying along with extra free gold give away.

There are no additional levels to the skills
These capes are meant as an optional extra, so those original skills would not be raised to 120. According to Jagex, there are no current plans for the new Master capes to tie in with any of the high level requirements for Completionist capes. That means those additional master skillcapes stats are the same as regular skillcapes.

Basic information for those new master skillcapes
runescape master skillcapes

Good things are always hard to gain. Same as those master skillcapes. XP rates would not be changed with this update to allow for these capes to become more easily obtainable, which means you need to work harder and harder for gaining them.
Besides, there would not be new emotes with the capes, they would be released with the ability to perform the related 99 skillcape emote.
The capes would be in-game items not cosmetic overrides, so they do not come with a separate hood, and that they cannot be stored in a player-owned house.

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