Runescape 3 New Features Been Added in the Old World Map

The general situation is that we often play in teams or with our friends together, but we have some problems in knowing their locations because current runescape map doesn’t support more specific demands. Some may argue that a teleporting from the world map is useful, too. I agree with this suggestion, but what I think of is more than a teleporting map, why not change a new map with efficient locational function to speed up effiency and save more time once and for all?


Another thing that bothers players is the amount of clutter on the map! If Runescape team just allowed people to remove the icons on the map that they don’t want, then players could help de-clutter there, for example one would probably only allow the dungeon entrances, trees, mines, and transportation map icons on the map because of a skiller rather than a pvmer. So players ask to fix the marker system because it doesn’t work that well as of right now.

Therefore, just declutter the map; allow for more customization; fix the marker system; implement the lodestone network into it (possibly); show friends on the map, and allow greater and smaller zooms!

If the new world map is updated, what if the way players farm their runescape gold? Since players are willing to see their friends on the map, which more guidance and skill can be got from your partners timely so that you can save more runescape money and gain more assistance and cooperation on your fighting process. Moreover, if you want to have more in-game challenges with others but in trouble of having no sufficient runescape, you can go rightly to the Igxe to Buy Runescape Gold for sale to save money! Anyway, we believe a new world map will certainly do help for all Runescapers and we are looking forward to its coming.

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