RS3 To Reach Mining 99 for Guide

The most effective mining upgrade in years: The Living Stone Caverns. Almost unrestricted resources to unearth from and a bank close by to make some great earnings.


Keep in mind that although you could unearth focused coal at degree 77, it is not efficient. Granite is quicker encounter and more rewarding by quite a bit. Still, there are other needs to unearth concentrated coal. Concentrated charcoal is much more enjoyable, considering that you do not have to click for every native mineral. Lots of people like the simple means. I did partly focused charcoal and partly granite from 77-80.

A various means to go down, is to summon a spirit terrorbird, dispose of the 2 kg and 500g in it, and fired it. You’ll require 5-6 bags for an inventory. Summoning electricity drains rapidly in this manner, so do not forget to charge summoning factors when financial.

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To endure the monsters, you should be well-prepared. 70+ protection is advised. Yet it won’t be as easy if you have lesser self defense you could make it through as well. If you have under 50 protection, and 43 prayer, you’ll probably need the shield petition every now and then.

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