Disease and death always Accompany Farming in RuneScape

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As a crop grows, it progresses through a number of dirscrete growth steps called growth cycles. Each crop takes a different amount of time to complete a growth cycle. Once a crop reaches the end of a growth cycle it will either advance a step closer to maturity or become diseased. If a crop completes a growth cycle while diseased, it will die; there is no way to treat a dead crop. Dead crops will yield nothing, and must be cleared from the plot with a spade before another crop can be planted.

The players farming level has no effect on the chance of your crops becoming diseased, however higher levelled crops appear to have a lower risk of dying. In general if no measures are taken to prevent it, approximately 10% of growth cycles will result in disease.

Disease prevention
There are many techniques to reduce or prevent crop disease. Depending on the plot and the crop planted, it may be worthwhile to use the techniques below.

Pay a gardener to watch over the crop. This will prevent the patch from dying. However, a patch can still become diseased. The gardener will treat the diseased patch, but the growth time will increase due to the time lost while diseased. The payment varies and is shown in the seed charts above. This is recommended for expensive or long growing seeds such as trees and fruit trees. Gardeners will not watch over herbs or flowers.

Certain fully grown flower crops will provide complete protection from disease to a related vegetable crop. Flowers must be fully grown before they can provide protection to the surrounding allotments. Which flowers protect which crops is noted in the seed tables above. Mature flowers may be left unharvested in their plot so that they perpetually provide protection.

Compost and supercompost both reduce the chance that a crop will become diseased, with supercompost reducing the chance by 30%. Players not paying a gardener to watch their crops or using protective flowers should use supercompost whenever possible.

Watering a patch with a watering can reduces the chance of a healthy crop sickening at the end of the current growth cycle, and may increase yield slightly. Only allotment, flower, and hops patches can be watered.

Disease cures
If a crop contracts disease, the disease can be cured. Disease should be cured immediately after being detected, and can be done in several ways:

Plant cure
All crops except trees and bushes can be cured of disease by using a vial of plant cure on the crop. Plant cure can be bought from any gardener at each patch or at a farming shop for about 25 coins each.

Diseased trees and bushes can only be cured by pruning away the affected area with secateurs or magic secateurs.

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