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The Ava’s Alerter and the Cramulet are excellent rewards and we got quite generous amounts of experience for completing the quest, however. The later part of the quest was excellent and we learned a lot about the desert deities, setting the pace for an excellent confrontation in the future. I remember that my runescape gold had built so much reputation for 5 years, but the numbers have never changed. Some of our new PayPal accounts have been registered for 3 years, and still do not have reputation.

Not the best quest ever released, but it was a great storyline and quest, if a bit tedious at times. Return to the monkeys, pickpocket a few Monkey Knife Fighters on Ape Atoll then return to the Three Wise Monkey’s again. They’ll inform you that they no longer require any help and that the colony is now good to go. Quest complete! Well, not quite. Tragedy strikes the colony, something that I just knew was going to happen, and the three monkey’s are kidnapped by monsters. A cute little ghost monkey will tell you what you need to do and you’ll have access to an awesome new combination necklace for all the animal speak amulets. Next up is three, difficult fights.

After you find this spot, they tell you that you now have to bring them the building materials and build the colony yourself. At about this point, I started to notice the One Small Favor in this quest; they make you go on tedious and frustrating simple errands to delay for time, making the quest significantly longer. Thankfully setting up the colony was easy enough – other than excavating for the magical carpets, but that came with a new, improved Ava’s alerter.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed digging up the crates and I felt that it would make a really good addition to the game, offering a few rewards for doing so. Unfortunately, JaGex thought differently; guess I’ll never set up my digging company. Order now from us, a source trusted by hundreds of thousands of runescape gold gamers. Every order is delivered or your money back.It is hard to match this high reputation these days, so please be assured that we are a trustable seller. Buying from us is 100% safe.

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