Some Tips about How to play runescape monsters


In the world of runescape there are many monster out there you face and all of them can be challenging unless you use this guide to help you out on the way to you lvl 126 if your a free person.

One helpful hint is to not be afraid and think you have to face monsters your own level or have a challenge. When I play I face monster that are really lower than what I am but you will get the experience that you need and be able to level up your character. And if your close to a monster that you want to kill don be afraid of it till your like 4 levels higher than it go out there and face it and prove that you can beat that monster as a lower level and be like ha ha to all your friends.

Also have your buddy come out with you and fight stronger monsters. Say that you want to face a monster and it in multi-combat area and face it with him and do it in a loot share world you will get your experience and still get some loot out of it.There have been many guesses made as to what the new skill may hold for Runescape Gold  players one of the more popular ones being sailing, because of a picture spotted on Runescape homepage which could have been a Runescape character sailing a boat. There have been many theories following that train of thought, thinking that the skill may be something along the lines of swimming or pirating.

There is an equally large group that are certain that this mystery skill will not have anything to do with sailing but prefer theories such as shape-shifting and other things that could be useful in a variety of situations. Some of the more logical players have accepted that the skill will be associated/linked with another skill, such as mining is linked with smithing. If this is correct it will obviously have to be linked to non members skill so that it can be used by all players. Some people agree with this but think it will be a skill like crafting, that can be used by free players but more efficiently by members.

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