Runescape Clan Chat

ayer Killing team. I use to own a clan; it was called the Brothers of the Bone. We all dressed in red robes, and it was flat out fun. The Clan Chat helped a lot to keep track of all the members. The Runescape Clan Chat can be used for other things than just Clan Chats. If you want to hold a meeting with a couple people and still be all over Runescape, the Clan Chat can be a massive help.

Let’s talk about Creating a Clan Chat. First, go to your Clan Chat tab. Then click on Clan Setup.
This button will pop up a window with many different things. Lets start with the tabs on the

Clan Name: Click on this and you can type in the name you want your Clan Chat to be called. (Note: you can only put up to 12 letters.)

Who can enter chat? This is the lowest rank allowed to enter the chat. There are Many different choices to these, and they are
» Anyone
» Any Friends
» Recruits
» Corporal
» Sergeant
» Lieutenant
» Captain
» General
» Only Me

This is the same for Who can kick on chat? and Who can share loot? Accept on the second one there is a No-One option. You can Access these menus by right clicking on these tabs. CoinShare is a loot sharing option of your going to fight monsters; the drops will be shared between the groups.

On the right, you will see your friends list and a lot of Not in Clans. If you right click where it
says Not in clan you will get a drop down menu like the others, and you can assign your friends roles in the clan.

Joining a Clan Chat is fairly simple. You simply press Join Chat and type in their name. You also have to do this with your own Clan Chat, every time you log in.

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