How to Raise Crafting on RuneScape?

Raising your crafting level in RuneScape is very important if you want to make a good amount of gold in the game. This is because crafting allows you to make a number of different items that can both help you advance in the game and can be sold for money to other players. There are a number of different types of crafts in the game.


Pottery is a good craft for beginners since it’s simple and rewards you with a good amount of experience. It’s also a good skill if you enjoy cooking since you can create items to hold your ingredients. To start learning pottery, you need clay from the West Varrock mine and a jug from a general store. Fill the jug with water and mix it with the clay to make soft clay. Now go to the Barbarian Village and find a pottery wheel. Use it and the pottery oven to make items like pots, pie dishes, bowls, plant pots, and pot lids.

Leather Working

If your character uses leather armor, you can take up leather working and make your own. While it requires a bit more of an investment than pottery, leather working can earn you a nice amount of gold.

To start leatherworking, you need cow hides from the cows near Lumbridge. You’ll then need to buy some needles and thread (each will allow you to make four leather items). Then head to the tanner in Al Kharid to make leather from the hides. Once you have that, you can create gloves, boots, cowls, vambraces, chaps, and body armor. Note that some leather armor can only be made by members.


Making jewelry is a bit more advanced than pottery and leatherworking, but it is also much more profitable. You can create gems, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and amulets via jewelry.

To get started, you’ll need to visit the crafting shop in either Rimmington or Al Kharid to get some basic items. You’ll also need to make gold or silver bars. Once you’ve made these bars, you can melt them down and pour them into moulds to make items.

You can also purchase a chisel and cut gemstones to add to your jewelry. After you’ve created an item using the furnace, you’ll have the option to add gems. This makes the item more powerful (and valuable). Before you can add a gem to an item, you’ve got to cut it. Available gems include opals, sapphire, emeralds, and rubies.


Weaving allows members to create different containers to carry around their produce. To create items, simply use the loom located at Sarah’s Farming Shop. You’ll need wool to make strips of cloth, jute fibers to create vegetable sacks, and willow branches to make fruit baskets.


Glassmaking is a good way to increase your experience early in the game since all the ingredients are on the island. You’ll need seaweed, a bucket of sand, and a glassblowing pipe. Buy a bucket from the general store so you can collect sand. Then go to Entrana and search the shores for seaweed (or go fish in Catherby with a big net).

Once on Etrana, you’ll find your glassblowing pipe in one of the houses in the north. You can then use the stove in this house to produce soda ash from seaweed. Then use the bucket of sand at the furnace to make molten glass. Once you’ve got these two items, you can use the pipe to make different things like lamps, vials, and orbs.

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