RuneScape Merchanting Items

The RuneScape world allows players to buy and trade items. This can occur at the Grand Exchange market place or on a one to one basis. There are numerous RuneScape Merchanting items that players may want to buy or sell. In fact this type of trade accounts for a lot of the fun in the game. In the past there have been problems with exploitative trades but Jagex has gone a long way to eliminating this problem.

What are the RuneScape Merchanting Items?

The availability of RuneScape merchanting items varies with demand and supply. Here are some popular items that you should usually be able to find.
Water Vials from Ardougne. You buy these in from the general store and they have already been filled with water. It should be possible to sell these for a profit at the Grand Exchange.
– Kebabs can be found in Al Kharid from the Karim and can be bought for 1 GP each; it is possible to later sell these for up to fifty times that amount.
Silk can also be found at Al Kharid 2-3 GP and can be easily sold for three times this amount.
Rune Armour and Weapons. It is possible to obtain armour and weapons in one world and then sell it for a higher price in a different world.
Lobsters – it is worthwhile buying lobsters at the Grand Exchange and then selling them at Edgeville.

Flax – you can buy Flax at the Grand Exchange and then turn it into bowstrings which you can later sell at a profit.
Green Dragon Hides – you can buy these and after tanning them you can sell for a profit.
Oak Logs– it is possible to buy oak logs for 6GP each and then later sell them for as much as 30 GP; although you may have to store them in your bank until demand is high.

These are just a few of the items that you can buy, sell, or trade through RuneScape merchanting. This type of exchange really does add to the fun so make sure you get involved.

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